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Why Do YOU Eat Organic?

Posted on Mar 21 2016


We asked YOU yes YOU our customers “Why have you gone Organic?” Below is what YOU said:

  1. Illness and even Cancer in the family – Better late then never. We have understood how chemical laced food has impacted us albeit too late in some cases. But better late than never. We want safe food for ourselves and our family members including kids. Many pesticides used in non-organic farming are known carcinogens, which mean that they are known to cause cancer.
  2. Organic Food Tastes Better – We have tasted Organic Food and are able to make out the difference between conventional and organically grown produce. In fact it takes us back 20-30 years to our childhood when most food was organic. Food that’s grown in nutritious organic soil without chemicals has a fuller, more flavorful taste. Also artificially ripened conventional foods are tasteless and taste more like a cardboard.
  3. No artificial Ripening of Produce and no harmful injections/coloring/sweetening substances added to the produce – Harmful gases like calcium carbide are used to accelerate the ripening of fruit and have harmful effects on humans due in part to trace amount of arsenic and phosphorus. We have all heard stories of artificial ripening of mangoes, injections given to gourds, colors and sweeteners injections given to watermelon, waxing of apples. Urea in milk. The list is endless.
  4. No GMO Produce – Organic produce is grown with non-GMO seeds.
  5. No Hormones – Non organic livestock are often pumped with growth hormones that humans end up consuming. These hormones have negative effects on our health.
  6. No Chemical Pesticides and insecticides – Chemical pesticides that are used in non-organic farming contain pesticides that are known to be harmful to human health. Especially in India where there is no control over the pesticide usage. Farmers invariably end up using a lot of chemical pesticides which remain in food even after washing. Also a lot of pesticides which are banned in other countries are still being used in India. Certain insecticides used in food production referred to as “neonicotinoids” have potentially neurotoxic effects on the human nervous system.
  7. No Antibiotics – We are consuming more harmful antibiotics than ever before as they are being widely used in conventional farming.
  8. Healthier for Children – The developing bodies or children are much more susceptible to the toxic effects of pesticides and chemicals.
  9. You Are What You Eat – Our cells are literally made from the food we eat. Make sure your body is chemical free.
  10. More Nutritious – Food grown in healthy soil is healthier. Also since we can eat the wholesome fruit/vegetable./staples without having the need to process or remove the skin we get more nutrition than the non organic produce.
  11. Health & Wellbeing of Farmers – Farmers are negatively affected by the chemicals used in pesticides. Also we have all heard incidents of farmer suicides due to debt piled upon mostly attributed to non organic inputs and practices.
  12. Helps Keep Drinking Water Pesticide Free – Pesticides from food production inevitably ends up in our drinking water.
  13. Supports Sustainable Farming – Organic farmers use techniques that support environmental health, profitability, and social equity.
  14. Knowing Where Your Food Comes From (Traceability)  – Organic foods are generally grown closer to home, and you have the peace of mind knowing that your food adheres to strict organic standards. Know your food know your farmer.
  15. Support Small Farmers and farmer markets – While non-organic farming is being taken over by factory farms, organic farms are typically smaller, independently owned operations that support farmer livelihoods. We love meeting our farmers and understanding our food from them, makes us feel connected to them. In this fast changing machine world where emotions take a backseat we love being part of this socially responsible community.
  16. More Ethical for Farm Animals – Organic farmers provide farm animals with natural living conditions, allowing them to graze, nest and have fuller lives. Organic farming prohibit feeding livestock animal by-products, which is one of the ways that Mad Cow Disease is spread which by the way can also be easily transmitted to humans who consume them.
  17. Biodiversity – Organic farms have greater biodiversity due to practices like manure fertilization, crop rotation, and multi-cultural crops. We want to preserve this biodiversity for ourselves and our future generations.
  18. Prevents Soil Erosion – Organic farmers work on building healthy soil. Healthy soil is good for ecological balances and produces healthy more nutritious food.
  19. No Unnatural Additives in Animal Feed – Non-organic livestock are typically fed with GMO cord and Soybean meal, but are also fed with manure, non food additives like sawdust, and animal by-products.
  20. No Sewage Sludge – Sewage sludge is human waste and other waste matter that is used to fertilize crops. The dangers from contamination of sewage sludge arises from prescription medications like mood altering drugs, chemicals and other pathogens whose effects and dangers aren’t fully understood.
  21. No Irradiation – Irradiation is the process of applying radiation to various crops to kill bacteria or reduce the likelihood of insect contamination. Irradiation damages the quality of food and science has not proved that a long-term diet of irradiated foods is safe for human health. 

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