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More About Organic Express Menu - How we keep our food Healthy, Wholesome and Fresh while dealing with the operational challenges in the Organic World

Posted on Mar 29 2016


We will start by explaining the operational side of things at a typical restaurant or a fast food eatery. Although running a food business operation is never easy we will only be highlighting the facts which we at Organic Express do differently.



Typical Restaurant – Procures everything conventional (non organic) through a distributor or a bulk supplier at the best rates. Also most of the raw material purchased is GRADE B or GRADE C which cannot be sold in retail market. Every thing is easily available – seasonality doesn’t matter, indigenous doesn’t matter, packaged frozen stuff too easily available, pricing doesn’t change often. Just call the established supply chain distributors and it’s all done.


Organic Express – Procures everything Organic. There are no distributors, no established supply chain. The team is constantly working with hundreds of farmers across India and a few established brands (mostly selling non perishable produce), understanding seasonality, checking on the genuineness  of the Organic produce, through certifications, soil testing, random produce testing (more on that in a separate post) and transporting stuff constantly across the missing supply chain. We some times even transport one kind of item from a particular farmer of a group e.g cheese from Auroville or Himachal, various vegetables from nearby Organic farms – distance of around 500 Km, milk from an organic dairy in Rewari, Papayas from Andhra, Avocados from Himachal, Kiwis from Arunachal, Pineapple from Nagaland, Mangoes from Maharashtra and across – various varieties, Kinnows from Abohar, Oranges from Nagpur, Onions from Rajasthan etc. etc. Most of the times the produce has to be picked up from bus stands, railway stations or private courier company offices. Imagine the kind uncertainties and the effort.


Preparation and Recipes:

Typical Restaurant – Since a lot of ingredients are available to them (chemical and preservative laden though) through out the year, the team and the chef has its/his task easier to implement. They also use a lot of pre-prepared packaged ingredients in their recipes – ready made Mayo, Salad Sauces, Tahini, Ragu, Thai curry powder , syrups to make beverages etc. etc. The team even outsources bakery like breads, burger buns etc. and the desserts as well to third parties. Also they use a lot of artificial flavoring and coloring to prepare their dishes including taste enhancers like MSG aka Ajinomoto etc.


Organic Express – We at Organic Express don’t do any of that. Since we do organic  (hardly any players in the market doing organic ready to eat) and don’t use any artificial coloring or preservatives, we prepare everything from scratch with organic and natural ingredients. Breads are baked in house, all dips sauces are made in house, beverages from real fruits and vegetables etc. Imagine a world where all dishes are prepared from the basic non processed ingredients. We make and serve food like the way it is meant to be.


Freshness and related Wastages:

Apart from healthy preparations and the uniqueness of Organic Express menu (whole foods and millets based dishes – we will write a separate post on that) our food has no artificial chemicals or preservatives added to increase the shelf life of the food. This ensures that everything is fresh. Yes we do deal with a lot of wastages (again will write a separate post on that) when ever we have a bad day at office.


On the other hand a typical restaurant would add a lot of chemical preservatives to increase the shelf life to reduce wastages.


Manpower and Training:

Most of the manpower available in the market including high end chefs etc. are trained to function in a way described above. So switch from one to another is easy and staff adjusts easily. At Organic Express we always have to make the people we hire unlearn the above bad habits (as we call it) before they become productive. And let us assure you its anything but easy. Making people unlearn what they have been doing for years and what they think is normal is super difficult.


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