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The McDonalds (read most Food chains) French Fries Story

Posted on Apr 03 2016


I am sure you would have read stories of the McDonalds burger not rotting for a period of 3-4 years. One post even claimed 10 years. All stories of the western world. Back home, although we all know McDonalds in bad for health, food is junk, recipes are unhealthy, makes one obese, yes there are bound to be preservatives and artificial flavoring but  to what extent.? We all have been skeptical about the extreme stories on either side including me – till this happened.

I must confess kids do get tempted to eat McDonalds – once they are near one McDonalds and there are quite a few everywhere. It’s difficult to convince them to not buy French Fries or the happy meal (the toy makes it worse). On one of these days I too was unwillingly coaxed into buying a happy meal for my son. Even while my son was playing with the toy and binging on the French Fries I was constantly trying various tricks to take the fries off his mind, so that he doesn’t consume them. And that moment did come. I slipped the fries into my wife’s bag at an appropriate moment and Eureka. I was happy. We all forgot about it till the below happened.

Almost a month after I was out again with my wife and suddenly she finds and brings out some McDonalds fries from her bag. Starts wondering when why how they landed up in her bag. Till we both remembered the above day. Why my wife didn’t find those for a month? Well women do have multiple bags and my wife does really have a lot of them :). This one was used after a month :). Anyways I opened the fries and to my surprise they looked and smelled exactly the same what they do 15-20 minutes post buying them (i.e. as soon as they get to room temperature). They had not decomposed. There was no funny smell on them. Thank God for that though otherwise I would have got a beating from wifey. Shocked I even dared to taste/eat them. Yes you guessed it right, they even tasted the same!!!

Do I need to write more?? Our food at Organic Express doesn’t survive a day or some even not more than a few hours and here we had something which smelled looked and tasted the same after a month that too in non-controlled temperature and environment. Was it even food? Imagine the kind of chemical additives taste enhancers and preservatives that would have been added. Scary? For sure.

Know what you are eating. Make smart choices. Go Organic.


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