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Organic Juice Subscription details and FAQ

Posted on Apr 04 2016


Here is a list of frequently asked questions for first time juice subscribers. We hope that this page will provide you with some direction and ease of mind!

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us directly.


We offer 100% raw organic juices and blends that not only do good for your health but taste great too!

The ingredients are unique – handpicked, organic fruits and vegetables. They flood the body’s cells with vitamins, minerals and enzymes that cleanse, heal and most of all, nurture vitality.

You can choose from the list of Juices offered in the subscription as per your requirement. Minimum 7 Juices and in multiples of 7 e.g. 14, 21, 28.


We use the freshest, highest-quality produce we can find. We never pasteurize, use concentrate, freeze, or water down our juice. We never add sugar fillers, or preservatives.


Every single one of our juices is hand crafted by each of our expert juicers. We craft each of our juice blends in small batches, creating delicious and innovative flavor combinations that satisfy all taste buds.


What type of juicer do you use to make your juice?

We use a combination of cold pressed and a masticating slow juicer to make juices

Are all of your ingredients 100% organic?

Absolutely! We strive to provide our customers with only the best, so naturally our ingredient list reflects that! we use only the freshest handpicked fruits and vegetables to give you the purest and most refreshing healthiest juice ever. For more information on the importance of organic produce visit us at www.OrganicExpressIndia.com

Where do you source your ingredients from?

We believe in supporting your own economy to build a stronger community. That’s why we buy all of our ingredients, weather permitting, from local farmers and farmers around the country.

How long will the juice stay fresh?

We don’t use any artificial coloring or preservatives. For optimal nutrient absorption, we suggest consuming your juice immediately on delivery.

Do you pasteurize your juice?

No! When juice is pasteurized it is heated to a high temperature for a short period destroying the vital nutrients and enzymes of the raw juice.
We keep our juice 100% natural so that you get 100% of the nutritional benefits.

Is the juice diluted with water?

Absolutely not! Our juice is made from 100% fresh fruits and vegetables unless listed on the ingredient list.

Are there any additives or sweeteners in the juice?

No way! Our delicious juice is created with only raw fruits and vegetables, benefiting from their natural flavours and sugars.

When do you deliver and do you deliver every day?

We try to make the ordering and delivery process as simple and convenient to you. We deliver every day between the hours of 8am-9pm.

Does someone have to be available during these hours?

Unfortunately yes, we will never leave your juices unattended as they will need to be refrigerated upon delivery. Our drivers are scheduled to delivery within these hours, so in the event that no one is available to accept the delivery, a re-delivery charge will be assessed.

Are your juices fresh upon delivery?

You can count on it. Our juices are prepared and pressed the same day of your delivery, and are delivered in refrigerated vans, so be prepared to receive some great tasting COLD pressed juices.

Where do you prepare your juices?

All our juices are prepared in our Kitchen Facility located in DLF Gurgaon

Can I get juice delivered to me every day?

Why yes of course. We provide free home deliveries every day, so why not enjoy the fresh juice delivered to you every day.

When is the cut-off time for making changes to my juice subscription?

We need to receive all changes to your subscription by 10 a.m., 2 days before your next changed scheduled delivery day. Changes to your service can be made by contacting us via phone or email. Examples: If your changed delivery day is Thursday, changes to your upcoming delivery must be made by Tuesday by 10 a.m. If your delivery day is Tuesday, changes to your upcoming delivery must be made by Sunday by 10 a.m.

What if I don’t receive an item in my delivery that I subscribed to or it was a seasonal item when I subscribed to the juices and is no longer available?

We do our best to procure seasonal fresh produce from our partner farms all across India. But because of the infrastructure, transportation problems from small fragmented organic farms coupled with uncertainty related to organic agriculture, if you don’t receive an item in your delivery we will either (1) reduce the corresponding amount from your subscription amount OR (2) contact you before your next scheduled delivery to offer a replacement of similar value and nature.

What if I need to leave for vacation?

You can easily change or suspend your service to fit your schedule or vacations by contacting us by 10 a.m., 2 days before your next scheduled delivery day. We will hold all deliveries until your return.

I did not receive my scheduled delivery. What do I do?

If you do not receive a scheduled delivery, please advise us within 24 hours by contacting us. We will investigate and make it right.

How am I billed for the Juices?

The subscription is Pre-Paid

Why Juicing?

Whether you’d like to stimulate short-term weight loss and or kickstart a healthier lifestyle, juicing can benefit you in the following ways:

Meal replacement

Need a quick meal on the go? A raw blended juice can serve as a healthy and satisfying occasional meal replacement.

Nutrient boost

As a healthy snack, or with a meal, 100% raw, organic juices can provide you with much-needed nutrients.

Juice cleanse

A detoxifying juice cleanse gives your body a rest from digestion so it can remove toxins and replenish nutrients.

What Are The Benefits?

Juicing breaks up the insoluble fibre of fruits and vegetables, providing greater access to the nutritional elements locked within. Raw juice infuses your system with enzymes to help boost your metabolism, and phytonutrients to help fight disease.

Juicing gives your digestive system a rest, and allows your body to spend more time and energy on repairing and re-balancing itself.

2-4 Pounds Fresh Produce/Bottle: Get your daily dose of fresh fruits and vegetables in one nutritious drink.

Flush Toxins From Your Body: Harness the power of raw juice to eliminate toxic waste from your digestive system.

Help Prevent Illness & Disease: Raw juice ingredients have been known to help prevent chronic conditions.


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