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Myths busted about natural/healthy labels

Posted on May 21 2016


We all are tempted to roll down the aisle in the grocery store to buy the premium priced ‘healthy’ or ‘natural’ labeled food, aren’t we?

After all health of your family comes first!

But should you believe the label that proclaims ‘healthy or ‘natural’? No!!

Here are a few misleading labels that you should be aware.

1. Whole grain

2. Multi grain

3. Sugar Free

4. Zero Trans fat

5. Fat Free

6. Made with ‘real’ fruits or ‘vegetables’

7. Cholesterol Free

8. Gluten free

9. Light

10. Natural

Packaged foods are after all processed. A 100% natural claim may apply to one or two ingredients, but others may be synthetic or hidden under the natural label. There are a number of loopholes in the definition of these terms, which are often loosely coined. The FSSAI has no strict norms for certifying these claims. Marketers of these brands often exploit these and add the misleading terms to attract customers.

Don’t fall into the trap! Not only read the list of ingredients on the box carefully but also research and do your homework before selecting a particular brand or product for its ‘natural’ benefits!

Or better still - rely on our expertise at Organic Express. We have made it our aim to get you the health benefits of eating organic! From grocery to ready-to- bite into food – all delivered with a passion to be pure and true to our promise!

We will unravel how each of these labels is fooling you in more posts that follow. Stay tuned!

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