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How eating heavy after sunset affects your health?

Posted on Jan 11 2017


The notion of urbanization has actually made our lives bizarre. We stay awake during late nights and eat anomalous food at odd hours. Because of this, we sleep with our bellies full which in turn makes it difficult for the system to digest that food. Whereas according to the law of nature, your body should be relaxing, repairing and detoxifying itself instead of working upon digesting the food at a complex timing. At night, in the absence of sunlight, the digestion becomes weak, body consumes maximum energy in digesting food eaten after sunset and as a result you wake up feeling dull, exhausted & sluggish.


Since sunlight is directly connected with our digestive fire (Agni), Ayurveda recommends consuming meals during the daylight when the Agni is strongest. The biggest should be your mid-day meal. And avoid taking heavier meals after the sun goes down. Ayurveda suggests a direct connection between the sunlight and our body’s digestive fire. The fact is also scientifically proven. Read here to know more http://www.ayurvedum.com/does-sunlight-affect-your-digestive-system/


So, whenever you eat during the day hours and not after the sunset, your sleep patterns start becoming better and undisturbed. Whatever the diet be during the day, your digestion tends to improve along with the overall health. And initially things might look somewhat complicated but once the biological clock starts to adjust, your body too gets in tune with the nature.

Credits: www.ayurvedum.com (Shubha Agarwal)


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